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Have Puppy wipes and Deodorizing Spray with odor control handy to clean up after those little accidents.

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5 Reasons to Adopt

1. Save a Life, or Two

Millions of people are forced to give up their beloved pets every year, by choosing to adopt you not only save the life of the animal you rescue you also create space for another to be saved.

2. Get the Perfect Pet

Get the right pet for you. Don't take a chance on a puppy, adopt a healthy dog that you know fits your lifestyle.

3. Feel Great

Who wouldn't feel great knowing they saved their best friends life, and don't think they won't appreciate that!

4. Save Money

Adopting is much less expensive than buying a puppy and often includes many if not all shots and spaying or neutering.

5. Help End Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are evil, do not support these profit first breeders with your money, adopt a healthy pet and help end this ugly business.